Under eye liner tattoo

The modern beauty industry is moving forward by leaps and bounds. Every day, it becomes easier and more accessible for the beautiful half of humanity to become the best version of itself. Not every woman is given bright eyes by nature or the ability to emphasise them with makeup. A popular service - tattooing under eyeliner - is becoming an ideal option. It will quickly help you improve yourself, making you look more expressive and saving time, finances, and nerves.

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Who can get permanent makeup under eyeliner?

This eyeliner tattoo Melbourne procedure is perfect for those women who want to correct the shape or cut off their eyes to hide possible defects. Who is suitable for this type of permanent makeup:

  • Women who want to save time on morning makeup;
  • lovers of active recreation, visitors of halls, baths, and swimming pools;
  • active women who do not have time to correct their makeup in the middle of the day;
  • those who do not know how to apply makeup skillfully but want to look their best;
  • Women faced age-related drooping of the corners of the eyes or a scattering of wrinkles.

Should I or should I not get tattooed?

Any cosmetological procedure has pros and cons with tattooing permanent makeup. This cosmetological service can beautify the owner but does not fit. It is worth understanding the advantages and nuances of this type of cosmetology.

Advantages of the procedure of permanent makeup of the under-eye eyeliner  :

  • will make the look more expressive;
  • will save your time on the morning routine with makeup;
  • Keep your nerves about makeup during the day;
  • no smearing or smudging of eye makeup;
  • durability;
  • corrects possible imperfections;
  • saves money on eye makeup;
  • will make the appearance of more lush lashes.

Possible nuances:

  • possible discomfort during the procedure;
  • recovery period of about two weeks;

It is worth understanding that by turning to a specialised master with experience, you can avoid or minimise the possible negative aspects of the procedure. Also, the system has contraindications, which must be discussed with the master and proceed to the process after ensuring none.

Who and when categorically can not do the procedure

  • Hepatitis patients;
  • HIV patients;
  • pregnant women;
  • in the presence of eye diseases;
  • heart disease;
  • women during the menstrual cycle;
  • If you have diabetes mellitus,
  • during breastfeeding;
  • when taking medicines that interfere with the formation of blood clots.

What are the different types, and how do they differ?

In the beauty industry, there are three popular methods of tattooing undereye eyeliner. A qualified master will tell you which way will suit your eyes better.

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  • The first method is the arrow. It is used very rarely for the application of the eyeliner under eye. Suitable for young women, it is not advised to apply to women with age restrictions, as it emphasises all the flaws.
  • The second method is to grow out. Outwardly, it looks like a line created with shadows and blended. It perfectly emphasises the eyes, opens them, and helps to cope with the problems of an overhanging eyelid and a lowered corner of the eye.
  • The third method is called intercostal. It is the most common. It perfectly emphasises the eyes and makes the eyelashes look thicker. Suitable for absolutely any eyes. Looks neat.

How to choose the permanent on the bottom eye liner

For owners of almond-shaped eyes, any kind of tattooing is suitable. Often, beauticians expose their work in advertising with this eye shape.

Close-set eyes are best suited to applying pigment on the outer third of the eye.

For small eyes, a great option will be to create a clear line.

If the eyes are wide, you need to accentuate the corner inside the eye. The interlash application or the effect with a blending will be perfect.

Slanted eyes prefer light grey or brown shades. Start the line a little away from the bridge of the nose.

Deep-set eyes are not recommended for dark shades. Correcting the shape will help the method of blending or filling in the inner lash line.

A large eye shape will help reduce the arrow, which starts from the middle of the eye and is as close to the growth of lashes as possible.

Preparatory period: What can and cannot be done?

The cosmetic eyeliner tattoo Melbourne service should be prepared in advance. Be sure to consult with the master and learn all the nuances. As a rule, before the procedure, several limitations should be adhered to:

  • Limit the use of coffee and tea, excluding alcohol and blood-thinning drugs.
  • The master may also advise a couple of days to drink vitamins for the immune system.
  • Remove tanning beds and limit the intake of direct sunlight.
  • It is worth popping eye drops for a couple of days to avoid conjunctivitis, which is unacceptable during the procedure.
    Remove lenses before a session of tattooing.
  • Do not add eyelashes. If you already have false eyelashes, it is necessary to remove them.
  • A day before the session, exclude taking medications that increase blood pressure.

How is the procedure itself?

If you have decided on a bottom eyeliner, it is worth discussing the colour and type of tattoo with the master. A specialised master will tell you what will suit your eyes and answer all your questions. The cosmetic tattooing procedure takes from forty minutes to an hour and a half. If you choose a specialist with experience, you will be assured of high-quality and fast work. First, the master creates the desired shape with a pencil and coordinates it with the client. At the client's request, it either remains the same or is corrected. The specialist must explain the order of work. The next step is applying an anaesthetic drug; most often, masters use Emla cream. After anaesthesia, you can apply pigment to the desired zone. It is introduced with a special needle at no more than 0.5 mm depth. After the procedure, the result looks slightly brighter than the original idea. Worry not! After complete healing, the tattoo will lighten and look more natural. As for pain sensations, they are usually not. Anaesthetic substance maximally removes all unpleasant feelings. If the pain threshold is raised, there may be a slight discomfort. After the procedure, the specialist applies a soothing ointment and talks about the permanent area's care.

What to do after or care for under eyeliner tattooing?

No matter what cosmetic tattoo eyeliner method you choose, the selected area's skin is still traumatised. This happens because of the technique of pigment injection. For a long-lasting result, it is injected into the inner layer of the dermis using a tattoo machine with a needle. As a result, the area around the eyes may be swollen and reddened. As a rule, the specialist should prescribe a soothing ointment to relieve the swelling. Do not worry; the node will completely disappear within a few days. Also, to combat the node, a dry compress is excellent; it will relieve the redness. Note, only dry compress! On the site of the tattoo area, in a few days, will form a crust. It, in no case, should not be torn off; it will fall off on its own in a couple of days after formation. The crust must be moisturised with ointments like "Bepanten" and lubricated with a cotton bud with oils. To avoid the appearance of conjunctivitis, the master will advise eye drops.

Also, often, masters can recommend antihistamines to prevent a possible body reaction to the pigment. For the recovery period, it is worth putting aside all facial substances containing alcohol. The cosmetic eyeliner area should not get wet; it is better to avoid moisture on it. Using sunglasses the first couple weeks after the procedure would be best to avoid direct sunlight. Also, for the first time, you should not visit the bath, sauna, swimming pool or gym. Return to the usual regime is worth only after consultation with the master. Some permanent makeup artists also, in the recommendations, put sleep on the back to avoid tearing off the crust, which can come off together with the pigment. Remember, the main thing is to comply with absolutely all the recommendations of the master. The correct care tattoo will serve you for a long time, making your eyes even more expressive and your eyelashes thicker.

Correction: Is it necessary or not?

Once you have done the procedure of permanent makeup of the under eye liner, there will be a feeling of over-saturation. It goes away after a week or two, leaving the effect of naturalness. However, it also happens that the body poorly assimilates the pigment, and the colour is not what you imagined. It is worth to contact a master and discuss the procedure of correction. The specialist can tell you whether you need it or not. Edit - a system that allows you to make tattooing more natural and bring to the ideal of its colour and saturation. It is necessary in any case all after a month. Further adjustments depend on the desire of the client and the advice of the master. Usually, pigment gradually loses its colour over time and must be corrected twice a year.