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Do you need permanent makeup?

Tattoo artists offer a permanent makeup method (PMU) for eyebrow tattooing, which provides beautiful, low-maintenance eyebrows that enhance your appearance.

Eyebrow Melbourne

Our trained brow specialists use ombre powder brows to fill in sparse areas, providing natural-looking and full eyebrows without needing pencils or shading.

Get ready for top-notch eyebrow tattoo services in Melbourne in 2024.

What are Powder Brow Tattoos?

Microblading is a popular method for achieving fuller and darker brows in the long term.

However, it is worth noting that powder brow tattoos have gained popularity over microblading due to their compatibility with various skin types.

Powder brows is a method of PMU that enhances eyebrows to suit your facial features.

In the technique of eyebrow styling and tattooing, a small machine is used to implant pigments into the skin's epidermis safely.

Achieve a natural and polished look with full eyebrows every morning.

Cosmetic powder eyebrow tattooing offers a long-lasting makeup solution.

A single session of powder brow treatment eliminates the need for daily brow drawing.

What are the advantages of powder eyebrow cosmetic tattooing?

Suitable for a variety of skin types

One major advantage of powder brows is their compatibility with various skin types.

Microblading may not be as effective on oily skin.

We offer a personalized natural brows tattoo process tailored to fit oily skin types, so there's no need to be frustrated.

Less Invasive Technique

Powder brow tattoo is a less invasive alternative to microblading, using a digital machine to implant pigments in dot patterns for a powder or velvet-like brow look.

Topical cream minimises pain and creates a realistic and seamless experience for brow tattoos.

Needs Less Touch-up Appointments

This cosmetic eyebrow styling technique is known for its long-lasting results compared to other methods.

Annual touch-up appointments are recommended to maintain the perfect and natural shade of the brows.

Touch-up appointments are recommended to maintain the colour and longevity of powder brows, as the colour may fade over time.

Lifetime Permanent Makeup Look

Cosmetic brow tattoos are a long-lasting option for enhancing your appearance.

The outcome can vary based on aftercare, lifestyle, and routine factors.

Achieve fuller, long-lasting brows without the concern of natural thinning over time.

What is the cost of eyebrow tattooing?

Our powder brows service is available for $880, regardless of the length or desired colour intensity. Avoid overpaying at other salons for the same treatment.

Our offerings give women easy access to a customized and affordable natural makeup look.

The process of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing

Our eyebrow tattoo process is known for being less painful than expected.

We initially communicated with you to provide information about the process.

Our brow styling expert, Amy, is known for caring and friendly.

She will guide the colour and shape of your brows, creating an outline to map out the exact shape for the powder brows process based on your facial features.

A digital machine implants pigments into the skin, producing fresh powder brows.

The colour of powder brows will gradually lighten over time, but the results typically last for 3 to 5 years, providing a defined shape and colour to the brows.

The powder brows process typically lasts two to three hours, resulting in natural-looking brows.


What is the Aftercare Process After Your Brow Tattoo?


Once you have your powder brows, aftercare is extremely important to make sure that the eyebrow tattoo Melbourne will last.

These points include the aftercare for eyebrow tattoos.

  • Don’t workout or sweat a lot, as it can lighten the colour
  • Avoid using makeup around the brows tattoos for 7-10 days
  • Don’t have facial treatments during the healing process
  • Avoid taking hot and long showers
  • Avoid heavy sun exposure
  • Don’t extensively wash the brows


Amy is such a great eyebrow tattoo expert. She framed and dramatically changed my dull, thin eyebrows using the semi-permanent powder brows method. Very happy to have a fresh and prominent look with beautiful brows.

Beautifying artists are professional in handling my oily skin. They filled my brows with a digital machine, and the pain was no more than sensation. Surely recommend having powder brows from their professional team.

Eyebrow Tattoo Melbourne

Candidates for eyebrow tattooing

It is important to consider your skin type when determining if powder brows suit you.

Permanent eyebrow tattoos are appropriate for all skin types.

Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is suitable for all skin types, regardless of whether you have dry or oily skin.

Powder brows are a popular choice.


  • Individuals with oily skin may benefit from taking certain skincare measures.
  • For those with sparse brows.

Our eyebrow tattoo Melbourne expert is experienced in handling various skin types to achieve the desired permanent makeup look by enhancing colour and shape.


Factors to consider before getting eyebrows tattooed

It is recommended to avoid getting eyebrow tattoos if you have any health conditions.

It is recommended that you first consult with your doctor before scheduling a PMU appointment in case of certain medical conditions.


  • It is not recommended to get powder brows while pregnant due to the potential risk of infection from hormonal changes.
  • It is not recommended to undergo cosmetic eyebrow tattooing if you are under the age of 18.
  • Individuals with heart conditions or pacemakers should avoid getting powder brows as the numbing agent used during the procedure may potentially interfere with and increase the heartbeat.
  • Individuals with a weakened immune system may be at risk for the infection progressing.
  • Powder brows may not be suitable for individuals with epilepsy or autoimmune disorders.
  • If an individual has contracted a viral infection.
  • Individuals who have undergone an organ transplant may experience an increased risk of developing infections.
  • Individuals experiencing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis.
  • Individuals with cancer or diabetes.
  • Individuals with a metal allergy may experience adverse reactions.
  • Individuals who are taking blood-thinning medications.
  • In the case of a bleeding disorder.
  • Keloid scarring may be present.