The Association for Quality Imaging represents independent diagnostic testing facilities, freestanding radiology practice- based imaging centers, and providers of imaging services in mobile settings throughout the United States. Medical imaging equipment and supply vendors support AQI as well. AQI advocates on behalf of experts who provide lower-cost and higher-quality outpatient diagnostic imaging services and patients who benefit from these life-saving medical imaging technologies.

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The contributions made by diagnostic imaging — including ultrasound, CT, and MRI — to the overall practice of medicine have dramatically increased in recent years. The New England Journal of Medicine labeled it one of the top 11 innovations of the past 1,000 years — its prominence thus ranking such medical milestones as anesthesia and antibiotics. Even so, Washington and state legislatures are confronting critical regulatory issues that may affect the quality of imaging that Americans receive.

The imaging industry, led by the Association for Quality Imaging, represents thousands of conscientious professionals dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of their medical specialty. Our members are the ones investing in the best of equipment and personnel so that they may provide the highest quality service — assuring the patient of the right test at the right time, done right.

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