About AQI

The Association for Quality Imaging has three primary objectives: to monitor regulatory developments that may affect the industry; to act as an industry advocate on regulatory and legislative issues; and to educate third-party payers -- governmental and nongovernmental --  about the cost-saving technological advances and high-quality services diagnostic imaging centers provide.

AQI represents numerous freestanding diagnostic imaging centers and outpatient diagnostic imaging departments throughout the United States.  AQI’s membership includes independent diagnostic testing facilities (IDTFs), freestanding radiology practice-based imaging centers, and providers of imaging services in mobile settings.  Medical imaging equipment and supply vendors support AQI as well.

Since its inception in 1998, AQI has undertaken a number of important initiatives on behalf of the diagnostic imaging industry.  We welcome you to peruse the website to find the latest and greatest association, industry, and policy news and to learn more about the association's advocacy efforts.

Mission Statement

Federal and state governments continually consider and implement legislative and regulatory changes that affect the diagnostic imaging industry. To help ensure that laws and regulations promote quality imaging and to safeguard the integrity of the specialty, the Association for Quality Imaging represents the providers of diagnostic imaging in educating policymakers and the public about pertinent issues affecting this evolving medical practice.

Chairman's Letter

Welcome!  The Association for Quality Imaging (AQI) is an advocate for quality, safety, and appropriate utilization of diagnostic imaging services. We serve as a strong voice for over 1000 outpatient diagnostic imaging centers, departments, and mobile imaging units across the country.

Based in Washington, D.C., AQI primarily is devoted to representing diagnostic imaging providers and organizations by educating policymakers and the public on our issues and promoting our quality, safety, and appropriate-utilization agenda. AQI also works to inform payors and health plans about the factors that contribute to rising diagnostic imaging costs, and we offer methods and policies to help manage those costs.

We are regularly updating and expanding our website to make it a more effective resource; we invite you to check back with us on a regular basis. The exclusive section for members is also growing. Policymakers, prospective members, and representatives of the media are always welcome to contact our staff if you are unable to locate the information you are in search of.

Thank you for stopping by.

Steve Forthuber
Chairman, Association for Quality Imaging
President & COO
RadNet, Inc.